Djurens Rätt Magazine

Editorial illustration for the Swedish animal rights magazine, Djurens Rätt, about big food producers moving into the growing meat-free industry.

The magazine has a pre-existing colour palette, otherwise I may have gone a bit more green.

Art Direction: Agnes Dunder

Fast Company

The proposed Presidio Tunnel Tops Park sits between the Golden Gate Bridge and downtown San Francisco on top of a highway. It will provide meadows, wild spaces, learning centers and exhibitions to the public.

To cover the development I was commissioned to illustrate the area in a slightly more accessible way than the existing architectural renders and site plans.

Art Direction: Alice Alves 

I can get out whenever I want

I made this about being hooked on doomscrolling. Most of us have a compulsion to use our tiny little screens day and night; I was stuck doomscrolling through Reddit every night until I fell asleep with my phone in my hand. I didn’t want to be on my phone untill I passed out, but I couldn’t put it down.

It's an addiction that's becoming more recognised every day and when its taken seriously something can be done to change things.

Art Direction & Animation: Sam Brewster

Prospects Magazine

JM Finn’s magazine needed an image to illustrate the fine balance between employment rates and stability of currency.

The image was also used for the cover.

Art Direction: Adam Mallett & e—c agency

Ernest Journal

These illustrations accompanied an article about wandering the carriage’s empty coridors on a lovely night train journey from London to Scotland.

Art Direction: Tina Smith Hobson

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