Short drama

As a fledgling writer faces a series of complications, he loses all perspective on reality.

Charles Reston, George Savvides, Margo Henson, Jordon Stevens, George Xander, Maxwell Cavenham, Janne Kaas, Michael Batecko.

Written & Directed by: Sam Brewster
Director of Photography: Mateusz Golebiewski
Original Score: Roberto De Spirito
Special thanks to: Grays Inn DIY store, New River Cafe, Protein coffee shop, Central Film School, idailies, Neil Gillett & Frankie Edwards.

Tech Specs
Release Date: 2013
Runtime: 12min 25sec
Sound Mix: Stereo
Format: Super 16mm
Aspect Ratio: 1:1.78 (16:9)
Country of production: United Kingdom

Screenings & Awards
2016 Portsmouth IFF
2016 Pennine Film Festival
2014 MUSIC & SOUND Awards

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