Spæt Films
I was approached by filmmaker Vegard Dahle from Spæt Film Productions, a Norwegian-based company, to illustrate a poster for his film, ‘Off The Grid’.

The film is about a young man who builds his own self-sufficient house using skills that he’s learned in the family business and the kindness of the local community.

From the production company’s website:

“Off the grid is a documentary about Ola Ravn’s dream of living on his own terms. He decides to build an off-the-grid mini house in the middle of Trondheim, Norway without taking out a loan.

The house purifies rainwater, gets its power from the sun and all garbage and waste are composted, giving him economical freedom and a sustainable lifestyle. This way he wants to prove that you can live both soberly and richly.

His father, however, isn’t convinced that this is a good idea.”

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