Late Jurassic

During the Jurassic period, the supercontinent of Pangaea began to break up. Rifts, similar to the Great Rift Valley of modern Africa, spilt across the landmass, and filled with seawater to form embryo oceans. Shallow seas spread across the continental margin. The result was moist climates, and the inland areas became habitable.

The plant-eating dinosaurs fed on conifer trees and in turn were hunted by fierce meat-eating dinosaurs. In the sky pterosaurs flew, accompanied by the birds, which were just beginning to evolve. In the shallow seas the unrelated sea reptiles fed on fish and invertebrates that inhabited the warm waters.

I composed and created this artwork with a striking unreal palette, given the fantastical feel of the story behind the piece.

Exclusive to Eastern Biological.

Unframed 4-colour screen print signed and numbered by the artist.

Paper Size: 500mm x 686mm
Edition Size: /50
Paper: White heritage 315gsm

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