Langora Kaffebrenneri - Labels & Paraphernalia
I have been working with Norwegian coffee roasters Langora Kaffebrenneri since 2014; together we have developed the aesthetic for the brand that's vibrant and lively, hopefully to be reflective of the wondrous parts of the world in which the coffee bean was grown.

Our collaboration has concentrated mostly on the label illustrations for each new coffee that is released, ranging from bags to tins. Occasionally there's a special edition product that would involve a slightly different approach - for instance, they made a 'cold brew' coffee based beer, and a special 'Julekaffe' Christmas edition coffee with silver foil details.

I've also worked with them on a few extra products, such as enamel camping mugs and a coffee festival poster.

A number of the illustrations that I have worked on are also now available to buy as prints in their online shop.