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Book Of Dinosaurs

In this book, the third installment of our ‘Book of ...’ series (the last two being Book of Flight and bestseller Book of Bones), I worked together with creative studio Cantina to illustrate this non-fiction kids book, conceived & written by award-winning children’s author Gabrielle Balkan.

This book looks at ten dinosaurs, each with a boast-worthy superlative (strongest bite, biggest belly etc.). Some will look familiar, such as the T-Rex, and others may surprise you with spectacular (not in Jurassic Park because 'feathers aren't scary') plumage on the Velociraptor.

It's the same ‘guess which animal’ format as the previous editions, where the first spread is a dino fossil in an excavation, and the reveal shows the dino fleshed-out in full colour living in it’s natural environment.

There’s also a board book version available as of August 25th 2022 for younger book readers/chewers; ‘Who’s that Dinosaur’.

Written by: Gabrielle Balkan
Hardback: 48 pages
Age Range: 5-8 years
Publisher: Phaidon Press
Release Date: 12 May 2022
Size: 254 x 317 x 10 mm

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